business conduct (3)

Petralon Energy’s cardinal ethos is to change the perception that oil and gas extraction is synonymous with exploitation. It will ensure the delivery of responsible and respectful mutual benefit, for business and society alike.

It will stand out from its competition by:

i. Fully complying with the Equator Principles (a risk management framework, adopted by financial institutions; for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects. It is primarily intended to provide a minimum standard for due diligence to support responsible risk decision-making). Petralon joins the 79 companies across 35 countries (as of June 4, 2013) that have officially adopted it;

ii. Working towards the provision of more energy, an extrinsic, constant global need.

iii. Pushing for sustainability and responsibility, financing transparent socio-economic programs within and around communities within which it operates;

iv. Being committed to the bigger picture in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole;

v. Demonstrating, through our actions, a clear understanding of the negative long-term impact irresponsible oil and gas exploration can leave for future generations in Africa;

vi. Believing that it is necessary to balance the business of extraction with profitable financial returns and sustainable social investment.

Petralon Energy seeks to be an energy company that is here for the greater good, delivering value for all stakeholders and exploring new sources of oil and gas, whilst leaving a positive, lasting legacy.

In addition to other material benefits, Petralon Energy seeks to leave its investors with the peace that comes with being a part of a solution, not the problem.