We are committed to social responsibility and ensuring that the business of oil and gas is done in a responsible manner with emphasis on safety and managing the environment. We are also committed to ensuring that we minimise the effect our activities on the host communities and society, demonstrating a clear understanding of the impact of oil and gas and balancing our business with sustainable social investment while driving growth and value for all stakeholders.
We actively engage the communities in which we operate. Our goal is to redefine the relationship between oil companies and the community by funding projects which have been identified by the community in areas such as infrastructural development, trainings and educational scholarships, skill acquisition programs, empowerment schemes etc.
We understand that the members of these communities are best placed to determine the areas within the community where the additional resources should be deployed and so are committed to ensuring that community representatives determine how funds are disseminated and utilized for their communities, thereby putting them in the driving seat. This strategy empowers the community with the responsibility for their own development and we are confident that we will see them rise to the occasion and drive progress within their communities in crucial areas.
Our pilot CSR initiative on the Dawes Island Marginal Field – the development of a major borehole project was identified based on a Needs Assessment in the Community. We installed it with all the required treatment and purification facilities and a back-up generator to power it, due to the poor power supply in the area. This project provides proximate access to clean water and services our host community and the other communities impacted by our operations, as prior to its completion they commuted for up to 30 minutes on boats to get clean water.